Stage 12

12. The Gauntlet:

After the infection spread through the Tri-Cities, there was a rumor that scientists were closing in on a cure just before containment broke and the pandemic ravaged the countryside.  

Your party was recently joined by a few survivors, including a young woman who is the last survivor of the research group.  

The young scientist implores you to help retrieve the research so she can continue working on the cure.  

Camp is set up only a few clicks from the lab where the research was conducted.  This may be humanities best hope.  Are you willing to run the gauntlet and risk it all to try and restore civilization?  

Step up brave soul, run the gauntlet and don’t let any undead horde stand in your way.  

With your handgun, fight your way thru the first 10 zombies. Retrieve the documents and research in the backpack before you pick up your shotgun and do away with the next 16 flesheaters.!



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