General Zombie Guide

Zombies, undead, walkers…Regardless of what you call them, this menace plagues the heartland and must be stopped.  Battle lines are drawn and Heartland Public Shooting Park is where humanity makes its last stand.  Using rifles, handguns, shotguns and all the high capacity magazines you can carry, here is where we stand and fight.  MOLAN LABE, come and take them, the undead horde that has infested our beloved heartland will try and it will fail.  This is where humanity will celebrate our freedom and kill zombies in the process!

Using common 3-Gun rules, we will engage in 10 competitive stages with zombie themed targets.  We will have handgun targets from 1-15 yards, shotgun targets from 10-20 yards and rifle targets from 1-200 yards, so be prepared for a variety of target presentations and engagements.  We will also have multiple side matches that will allow competitors to experience things like firing a full-auto firearm, shooting exploding targets & engage targets that are beyond what we are able to accommodate in the regular match.

Weather is a fickle mistress here in Nebraska, so be prepared to shoot rain or shine.  Be prepared for temperatures ranging from the upper 40s up to 100 as well as rain, wind and humidity.  We will be shooting rain or shine, so be prepared to shoot in mud, heat, humidity or whatever else mother nature throws at us.  Sunscreen and bug spray are always  a good idea as well as having beverages & snacks to help sustain you throughout the day.

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